B.O.S.S. Fitness is the #1 personal training studio in Columbus, Ohio because we care more than anyone else!

B.O.S.S. Fitness aims to continue serving members with busy lifestyles and flexible schedules at our local Columbus fitness gym. We want to be the landing spot for training sessions. Results do matter and results need to remain at the top of our minds. Results cannot be reached without having all of our ducks in a row. Each department must work together to provide an experience from service, presentation, and consistencies.

Our communication within the organization is first. There should not be anything taking place performance wise that each person in the organization can’t support and talk about with our participants. Communication is what sets us apart from the rest in the personal training industry.

Team is the only way to go. A fist is stronger than a finger. At B.O.S.S. we will support each other and we will grow together. We believe in practicing exactly what we preach. We believe in standing behind one another even when wrong (Support, teamwork, and togetherness!).

We believe in delivering energy, creativity, and making an impact. We want to continue to brand ourselves as a place folks can come to and not deal with the negative energy that has plagued our industry. Your fitness trainer should be on your side and your fitness community should be standing with you as well.

We must protect our brand, image, and without a shadow of a doubt protect each other. Come see the difference at our fitness gym and join our positive community.





what makes the energy so awesome at B.O.S.S. is in the personalities of the team and the community members. Positive individuals who love to be of service to others. We welcome you with a high 5 and you will leave with a high 5. The top 100 music and intense workouts help round out what should be an energy which carries over into your everyday life.


Team work and hard work is the catalyst behind a creating a social atmosphere setting with each person performing their individual routine while pushing each other, cheering for each other and supporting each other.


Consistency in everything we do as a company is the bar we have set. With each member of the team focused on giving 100 percent to caring about the product we put out and making sure to show each person to the best of our ability that we care about the goals they set. We as a company will be dedicated to getting better personally and professionally. We are determined to be a shining example of a business who cares more than anyone else.

The B.o.s.s. Experience

We are a community based business focused on showing through exercise how to live a life of energy, motivation, inspiration, and success. The company itself will strive to be a shining example of dedication, determination, and accountability. Our core values will guide us and continue to remind us how a fist is stronger than a finger. Working together as team by supporting each other and caring strongly about the outcome of our business, community, and team.

Personalized personal training sessions designed according to the member’s goal with a group feel is the B.O.S.S. Hour. B.O.S.S. trainers have the freedom to be creative in their training sessions by being great at delivering the feeling of one-on-one training while working with other members at the same time.

The focus is on giving 100 percent effort always. We want to be the creator of an awesome energy and have positive individuals who love to be of service to others. Throw in the high 5 energy, top 100 music, and intense workouts.

Creating motivation by working hard and together for a social atmosphere with members supporting each other, creating training buddies, and friends outside the studio

Being dedicated to getting better personally and professionally. Staying determined to be a shining example of a business who cares­ more than anyone else.

Results is the driving force behind everything we do as a company. Each team member must hold themselves accountable for driving results in their career and making sure to perform the required task to assure elevation within the company.

The company must be responsible in creating a positive and striving working environment that yields the desired results from top to the bottom. Ultimately, the company must deliver a comfortable and energetic environment for members to strive in; no cookie cutter routines that come down from the top for every trainer to perform.

man doing squats in gym



1 In Person Fitness Evaluation & 2 In Person Training Sessions