The days of working for someone are over. It’s time to take your career and your dreams to the next level. The fitness industry is full of individuals who desire to help others and make money. Most of us want our own business and our own space. (We do need help getting there)
B.O.S.S. Is providing one big space and a shared space to be apart of your transition into owning it all.
Having a place you can run your business the way you see fit is a great opportunity and do so without all the overhead that comes with having a physical location.
This is a great opportunity for the micro fitness business owner to run their business and do so in a clean, safe, and fun environment. Good luck on your journey and I hope your journey ends with you achieving all your goals as a business owner.
Master Personal Fitness Trainer
James Gullatte

Note: All independent personal trainers must be certified, have their own insurance, and can wear your own company apparel. Independent personal trainers must learn the B.O.S.S. Way of taking care of their clients which mean do so with energy, motivation and we must clean up after ourselves. 

Option 1: Lease a space to run your business the way you see fit.
  • Space size: 1200 sq. Ft
  • Options: parking, shared bathrooms and showers
  • Optional equipment rental…(cardio only)
  • Terms of lease: 12 months
  • Cost per month: $2500 (Flat rate)
  • Equipment Rental: negotiable
  • Must have your own insurance
  • Clients received from B.O.S.S. Is a one time fee of $150 (optional)
Option 2: Independent Personal Training Business
  • Lease a space on a month to month basis
  • Part time or Full time Lessing: 0-10 clients $400 per month (Part time) 10-30 $800 per month (Full time)
  • Shared bathrooms and Showers
  • Parking
  • Key to operate your business
  • Must have your own insurance
  • Clients received from B.O.S.S. Is a one time fee of $150 (optional)

Space Rental