The Work Out Deck

A personal trainer in your pocket.

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Introducing the Workout Deck!

No more trying to figure out what to do. (The workout deck right here)! Can get you moving! You can pull out the the workout deck anywhere and get it going. No more excuses all you need is a small space and time. There are no more excuses for not working out on the road!

Choose your Difficulty Level


Fun and Effective

It can be difficult to find motivation to work out when you don’t have a gym full of equipment in front of you. That is where BOSS Fitness comes in with their easy-to-use, fun, and effective workout tool — The Workout Deck


A Personal Trainer In Your Pocket

It’s difficult to figure out where to begin with a workout. Fitness websites have their own suggestions for beginners and the amount of information can be overwhelming. When you have The Workout Deck, you shuffle the cards and draw, then follow the instructions and you’re off!

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Workouts for Every Level

Whether you are just starting out in the fitness world, you’ve been doing it for a while, or you’re an expert, this deck has something for you. Each card comes with three different levels on it so that you can control the intensity to fit your skill level.


Exercise at Your Pace

The deck helps you find your pace. Maybe you are looking for a lighter day and just want to go through a quarter of the deck. Or, you might be looking to push yourself to the limit and tackle the whole thing in a single session. You decide what works best with one of the most fun and unique workout ideas!

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Build Your Routine

Using this unique approach can help you discover your ideal workout routine. You could draw a lineup that helps you feel your ideal results. You just stumbled on a set that you can reuse over and over again!

Get The Work Out Deck Now

The Workout Deck is a fun way to introduce yourself to the fitness world or continue on your journey. Either way, you’ll be working your way towards a better version of yourself.

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