WHAT! Troy, Member of the Month  OH YEAH! Results really do matter. (haha) I know this may come to a shock to everyone, but Troy has really earned this honor. Over a year ago, Troy said he wanted to be on the wall. I quickly told him what he needed to do, and being honest, “I didn’t believe he would do it.” Troy has stuck with it  Forget the numbers, which are great. Troy slowed down his drinking and started paying more attention to his diet. Before we knew it, Troy was dropping pounds and starting to feel really good. Because the number I gave him was a huge one, it took him a year to reach it – talk about being consistent, determined, and focused. Troy is very loyal to the B.O.S.S. Community, and he is a huge part of it. We hate to see him coming, and we love to see him go. No matter which way, Troy keeps that big ol’ smile on his face. Congrats bro, you earned this one. A slim & trim 225 pounds. Now that’s B.O.S.S.’D #bosshour #resultsdomatter