Shiloh T.


Anytime someone asks me where I workout, I always point toward Livingston Avenue from wherever I’m standing and say: B.O.S.S. Fitness.

Oh, I’ve heard it’s hard. That’s the typical response.

And no matter who I’m talking to I always say back: “The two things you  need to know about B.O.S.S. is that no matter what fitness level you’re at, they’re going to push you just a little bit harder than that; and you will fall in love with the energy and the personalities who are James and Taj.”

I am definitely someone with a fluctuating number on the scale. But while I do sometimes fall off the food and drink wagon, since I joined B.O.S.S. in 2013, I have NEVER fallen off the fitness wagon here. I am addicted to the energy and the personalities and how I get pushed.

I’ve also nursed several injuries – including a full hip replacement – back to health under James’ trained eye.

I’ve never had the same workout twice. Not once in five years.

And on top of all this, it is a community. You’ll get to know and love the people sweating next to you, and it’ll be one more reason you keep showing up. I guarantee it.

Shiloh T.