How Strong of a Reason or “Why” does it take to Run 25 miles, 50 Miles or even 100 Miles???

Sometimes your why is stronger than the physical activity or task in front of us. Sometimes your why can push you further than you even thought was possible. . Sean Martin is proof that your why can, if you can only find it and allow it to push you too!

Sean Martin started trial runs as a young and over weight teenager. Who took up running to escape the pain that he had to endure at home!  Sean decided that he was going to run that pain away, he just Ran through the woods until he was so exhausted that he through up, and the next day he got up and did it again and the next day and the next day after that.

That was only the beginning of something that he would carry on into his adulthood.

Now at 53 Sean has ran the one of most meaningful races of his life. He signed up for a 100 Mile Trail Run!   The Race Kicked off and Sean took off full steam feeling good! At about mile 12 he could feel a pain in his hamstring, but he kept rolling! “B.O.S.S”  A pull in his leg wasn’t going to stop Sean. At about mile 50 his whole Body was in pain but he kept going, he was 2 hrs ahead of pace and had been already been running for about 6 hrs ! Why stop?  At mile 53 Sean’s Wife Julie told him he might want to get it checked out! He was told by the medical staff that he needed to stop and seek medical attention for a Torn Hamstring and Ruptured Tendon. Sean told The Medical Team

“ I more than half way im going to finish” You Can! quoted the Medical Team but your going to rip that tendon from the Bone!

Forced to quit Sean finished the Race at 53 Miles, 2 hrs ahead of pace and his Medal for completing 50 miles!  2 weeks later, in physical therapy for his injuries and back at B.O.S.S! The only thing left on Sean’s Mind is getting ready to complete next years 100 miles!

We don’t have to look to the professional athletes for a hero or idle we got them right here at B.O.S.S. Sean your why, inspired your Trainers and the B.O.S.S Community.

We will see you at the finish line next year!