Ronni Van Ligten

when Darrell and I moved to Columbus in 2012, we spent the first six months in a temporary apartment. I was eating a lot of takeout and didn’t keep a regular workout schedule. by the time we moved into our German village house, I was terribly out of shape and buying clothes in larger sizes.

shortly after the move, Darrell walked by Boss while walking the dogs and suggested I call. I spoke to james, scheduled us for evaluations, and since that first day my life has changed for the better.

i trained with james three times a week, went to every class and even did some extra cardio. I had never worked so hard (or sweated so much) and soon i was wearing a clothing size smaller than I ever would have imagined!

it is no secret i am always late, often complaining and sometimes lazy (did someone say “hot dog?) but i know james will always (and I mean ALWAYS) be there with that huge smile and all the energy in the world to motivate me and get me going. I used to wonder what the “opportunity over obligation” sign meant and then one day (probably after 87 V-ups or being on the stair master wearing a weight vest and/or ankle weights) that it meant – “I don’t HAVE to do this, I GET to do this.” it is truly a gift that I to get to push my body to its full potential and to get to be part of the Boss community.

last year I gave james an anniversary card when I realized I have been committed to the boss program longer than I’ve been committed to anything in my life – other than my husband!

Ronni Van Ligten