Ron & Shelli

We have always been active in sports and later in life through gyms, trainers and programs.  Earlier this year, we realized that we were not pleased with our fitness levels.  

After five months, we can say that what we were missing is what we have found at BOSS Fitness:

         ACCOUNTABILITY: That “in-your-face” kind of accountability that scares you and motivates you at the same time (and sometimes annoys you because they’re right but you don’t want to admit it!)

         CHALLENGE: The workouts and approach are unorthodox, innovative and REALLY, REALLY HARD!

         CUSTOMIZED SOLUTIONS: While we’re with the trainers at the same time, our workouts are very different and tailored to help us achieve our individual goals.

         COMMUNITY: Those damn high-fives!    The training sessions and classes are serious and difficult but the overall vibe of the gym is positive and fun.  There is a camaraderie in working through personal fitness challenges with a group around you that may be struggling too.  And of course, comfort in numbers when we all curse the trainers for kicking our butts.

         RESULTS: We wanted positive outcomes and we can see them.  We have more to do but know we won’t be let off the hook to get it done!

Ron & Shelli