Donna Keener

BOSS FITNESS – Donna Keener

I have tried many times to lose weight, and always gained back what little I did lose. I thought at this point I was too old to change my habits and I would always carry extra weight. But I am on a better path for my health now – I have lost 25 pounds and built up cardio endurance and strength. My main goal when I joined BOSS was to be fit enough to do any activity that came my way, and I now feel that I can keep up with friends on bikes, hikes, and other adventures.

I had heard people talk about being addicted to exercise, but I couldn’t relate. Now I get it: I WANT to go to work out with Taj and James. I feel better in so many ways. A workout elevates my mood and I am more emotionally steady all the time. My body feels better, and I sleep better. It’s always the right choice for me to go to the gym – I look forward to going.

I sometimes think of working with Taj and James as saving my life. Not because I was physically or literally about to die, but because think I will be able to live a happier, healthier life. I am saved from a lower quality of life, and I am living better.  

Taj and James tailor training sessions to my specific needs and every session includes a new move or exercise. The workouts are tough – Taj and James push me hard and encourage me. My core is stronger, and we’ve worked on evening out the strength in my legs because I favored one side for a long time. The ‘bad’ hip that used to bother me when I tried to sleep no longer aches at night.

I love all the classes – every class is a great workout. You must work hard to keep up, and as you get stronger you can lean in and work harder. I am inspired by those in class who are stronger, and I want to get there, too. I want to work harder and do more with every class.

I believe I will continue to grow stronger if I work with Taj and James. I intend to keep going with BOSS Fitness as far as I can. I want to grow stronger and stay strong for the rest of my life.

Donna Keener