June of 2016 Kristina came into B.O.S.S. ready to get her fitness on with goals of getting stronger, weight loss, endurance, and overall health. We embarked on this journey having to fix a poor diet and fight for every pound lost because “Kris” doesn’t lose weight quick. We started simple: let’s get in shape! From June to now, we have punched, kicked, lifted, ran, done push-ups, sit-ups, stair master, walking lunges and more… We did our homework – meal logs, extra running, and cut down the eating out and drinking. We performed extra time on the stair master or treadmill for gaining on our weekly weigh-ins. All this while a bachelorette party took place, girls trip, and let’s not forget the 2 week get away to Asia. If we throw the 21 Day Challenge in there somewhere we wouldn’t be lying. Kristina has given a 100 percent effort towards her fitness, and when I say a 100% her B.O.S.S. Hour is packed with tons of humor and her trainers calling her name consistently. The fight for the 21 pounds Kris has lost was a fight for everyone ?. Our community notices the change in Kris, and yes, she thinks she is all that because her body fat is reduced, strength is up, and yes, her endurance has reached a level where she can perform her workout and talk the whole time ?. Kris, we are super excited about your success. Can’t wait to see the next challenge on your agenda…another 10 pounds. Let’s Go Kris – Results Do Matter.