Energy, motivation, inspiration and results.

Energy: what makes the energy so awesome at B.O.S.S. is in the personalities of the team and the community members. Positive individuals who love to be of service to others. We welcome you with a high 5 and you will leave with a high 5. The top 100 music and intense workouts help round out what should be an energy which carries over into your everyday life.

Motivation: Team work and hard work is the catalyst behind a creating a social atmosphere setting with each person performing their individual routine while pushing each other, cheering for each other and supporting each other

Inspiration: Consistency in everything we do as a company is the bar we have set. With each member of the team focused on giving 100 percent to caring about the product we put out and making sure to show each person to the best of our ability that we care about the goals they set. We as a company will be dedicated to getting better personally and professionally. We are determined to be a shining example of a business who cares more than anyone else

Results Do Matter! Results are not just scale driven. To us results means the company is growing, the team is growing and the community is growing. The kind of discipline it takes for a fitness goal will spill into your everyday life. Motivating those around you to make better choices is results. Inspiring someone to get up and start moving is results. Having energy for the things you want to do in life is results. The ultimate result we believe is having a different mindset that has a way more positive spin on it.

Personal Training that works: Personal training is not a cookie cutter routine that everyone performs. Personal training at B.O.S.S. has personality, has creativity and is different every time. Personal training should push you beyond your current state. Personal training should have the ability to adjust. Personal training should make you better and personal training should cause a ripple of results in a variety of areas in their life. This is B.O.S.S. Fitness

Independent Trainer Options

Option 1: 30 hours per week to help establish your career. Each hour will pay $13 plus commission. Commission is based on how many training sessions performed during each pay period.

Commission Tracking:

T1 Trainer: 0-50 training sessions per pay period $2 per training session.

T2 Trainer: 50-75 training session per pay period $4 per training session

T3 Trainer: 75-100 training sessions per pay period $6 per training session.

Not included in commission: Evaluations or Introductory offers

Note: T3 Trainers maintaining 100 training sessions per pay period for 3 months will have the option to move to Option #2.

Option 2: Trainer has clients of their own and would like to use the studio to run their business.

Flat Fee of $600 per month $25 per client for access to the studio for cardio and classes (Non-Negotiable)

Option 3: Independent Aerobic and Group Class Instructor

$30 per class with $120 bonus for maintaining an average of 10 participants per class. Minimum of 3 classes taught per week.

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