When Al Came to B.O.S.S 8 months ago she came ready to get it! With her Apple Activity Watch set, Lululemon on, and her hair band in place, Al had a goal. And that goal was simply put, “Tone up, get in shape, drop a few lbs., decrease body fat, and did I mention tone up X2” Lol! She has done that and more by maximizing her B.O.S.S Hour and her B.O.S.S experience by pushing her body to personal limits, exercising almost every day, and sometimes twice a day! In addition to personal training Al also takes advantage of the classes, and is kicking butt in Cardio Kickboxing!
And we all know about Cardio Kickboxing
She has worked her way through Physical Therapy to deal with genetic knee problems! Al went from not being able to run more than a half mile to running 2 miles without knee pain no sweat!  Now that’s Bossed!
Allison is the true definition of Bodies Of Stamina and Strength! We can’t take away from the hard work, dedication and B.O.S.S perseverance it took to reach that goal to of being toned up x2  Ohhhh Yeaaaah!! That’s right, Allison. You made it to the Gun Show! Hello!
Way to get it Champ!