Make a decision and stick with it!

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How many times have we started something and stopped? Our motivation is high and we are off to the races only to find ourselves looking around asking why i am doing this? Making a DECISION and STICKING with it! Takes courage, it takes guts.

James, is going to take you on a journey to reconnect with your goals and get back in touch with why,…you made the decision in the first place. Sharing an inspiring message of becoming a rock, enduring the storm and keep it moving.

The goal is to get you to remember how the opportunity to make a commitment to do what you said you was going to do is right there for the taking. With time and patience dreams can become reality.

The energy and passion comes through in his personal stories of how he overcame the adversities he faced to becoming the ROCK in his life. James, shares a four point strategy that will take that DECISION you made a (REALITY).

Take advantage of the moment (use what you got to build your story.)

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Your goals are your goals. Waiting on the perfect moment to get started is simply not cool. My mom used to say “if,,,,if was a fifth everybody would be drunk’ what she meant was stop making excuses in your life and start taking advantage of what’s in front of you. The time will never be perfect but there will always be time.

The Building of your story is constantly being written…. Allow James to share his view on your surroundings are your gifts: and how your talent will shine if you are willing to be the reason it does.

The prison library was his resource center, the prison Human Resource building educated him and the prison yard was his training ground. Taking advantage of the moment to start a business from behind prison walls, you will enjoy his unique ways to share common practices that will encourage the audience to

  • Stop take a look and start moving forward ( tools, people, assets)
  • Use the process of subtraction and addition (the pick up and drop off)
  • The believe system (OH YEAH!)

Face your fears: Let’s grab the mirror

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What’s is your fear? How much of your life doesn’t show a true representation of who you are? What’s is stopping you from going after the dreams you want? Have your goals seem to elude you? On any journey, it becomes scary because of the new territory we enter. Sometimes faking it until you make it works. The problem is when we have to pull the mask off to find out we have been living a lie. We have told ourselves all these stories and lies as to why, our journey hasn’t turned out to be what we expected.

Because people come into our lives for 3 different reasons it is important for us to understand our fears in order to represent the best version of all three.

Who you are-what you do-what you have, leads the way!

James is going to share with you four simple steps that will:

A. Knockdown walls
B. Remove doubt
C. Build more confidence
D. Produce results


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